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I pride myself in being a leader in the industry. You will experience a unique setting that allows you to receive a full head to toe treatment that will be uninterrupted and will save you time and money! Complimentary brow shaping for new clients!

Below find the list of services we offer at Westgate Wellness Spa:

Skin Care

  • Signature Facial

Signature facial includes a double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, mask, extractions, massage, lip and eye treatment.                          60 minutes ~ $60

  • Deep Cleansing Acne Facial

We will determine the cause of the acne and begin a treatment regimen that will leave you with the best complexion possible. This treatment begins with a double cleanse, steam, customized mask, high frequency and extractions.                                                      60 minutes ~ $80

  • Hydrating Ageless Facial

50 minutes ~ $80

  • O2 Facial

Oxygen Lift facial                                                                                                         75 minutes ~ $110

  • Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

45 minutes ~ $90

  • European Facial & Swedish Massage Combo

60 minutes ~ $140

  • Dermaplane

60 minutes ~ $75


  • Lip Wax

10 minutes ~ $10

  • Nose/Ear Wax Manscape

You will love this service it’s very quick and you feel nice and clean.
20 minutes ~ $22

  • Eyebrow Wax/Shaping

15 minutes ~ $14

  • Full Face Wax

30 minutes ~ $30

  • Under Arm Wax

20 minutes ~ $25

  • Brazilian Wax

I use a draping method that you will never be completely exposed. This is all hair removed front and back.
60 minutes ~ $60

  • Full Leg Wax

60 minutes ~ $75

  • Half Leg Wax

Wax is from the knee down
45 minutes ~ $35

  • Back Wax

This wax varies in price depending on the density of the hair and amount of area. You will always receive a free consultation.
45 minutes ~ $60

  • Bikini Wax

This treatment takes off the hair on the outer edge of your hairline so you can feel confident in your bikini.
30 minutes ~ $45

Body Treatments*

  • Mlis body Wrap

This is a luxury service. You will be exfoliated from head to toe, contour cream applied, wrapped and receive a hot towel foot massage with reflexology, and hand massage and a cellulite massage.
60 minutes ~ $110

  • Mlis body Wrap/Facial Combo 4 visit package

90 minutes ~ $400


  • Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

This massage helps alleviate pain and you decide what areas you need the most work on. Heat or Ice may be used in the treatment.
60 minutes ~ $65

  • Hot Oil Indian Head Massage

30 minutes ~ $30

  • Swedish Massage 30 minutes

This massage incorporates long gliding strokes. Get ready to relax! This service includes a hot towel foot massage and complimentary aromatherapy.
30 minutes ~ $35

  • Swedish Massage 60 minutes

Get ready to relax with this luxurious and deeply stress reducing massage. You will get pampered from head to toe with the aromatherapy of your choice and hot towel foot treatment.
60 minutes ~ $55

  • Swedish Massage 90 minutes

This is my most popular massage. If you primary focus is to relax but need a little extra therapeutic work in a few areas this is the massage for you!
90 minutes ~ $85

  • Deep Tissue Massage 60 minutes

This massage focuses on specific areas that are tight and causing pain. You will receive a full body massage with focus on the areas of your choice.
60 minutes ~ $65

  • Hot Stone Massage 90 Minutes

This is a great way to work on tired and sore muscles without the firm pressure of a deep tissue. This can also be a very relaxing and stress reducing massage. This one is a favorite!
90 minutes ~ $110

  • Eyebrow Tint

20 minutes ~ $22

  • Eyelash Tint

30 minutes ~ $25

Combo Packages

  • Massage/Facial Combo 60 minutes

You will indulge with this Ultimate ooh la Spa Package. You will begin with a customized facial that will be determined after your skin analysis. You then will begin your luxury Swedish massage that includes a hot towel foot treatment and aromatherapy.
60 minutes ~ $85

  • Massage/Facial Combo 120 minutes

We will begin with a skin analysis, followed by a custom facial. You will indulge in a double cleanse, exfoliation, mask, extractions and a relaxing facial massage. The facial will be followed by a 60 minute Swedish massage that includes reflexology .
120 minutes ~ $110


  • Body Wrap/Facial Combo

Detox and tighten you skin while cleaning out your lymphatic system. This is a luxury service that includes a customized facial.
90 minutes ~ $150

  • Mlis body wrap 4 visit package

I recommend when starting a wrap program you come in once a week for one month and then come in once a month for maintenance. You will see results the first visit but to completely detox you will want to purchase a package.
60 minutes ~ $400

  • Eyebrow Tint

20 minutes ~ $22

  • Eyelash Tint

30 minutes ~ $25

  • Make up application

30 minutes ~ $45

  • Chemical Peel

Discover beautiful skin that is just waiting for you to uncover it! Your therapist will determine what peel is right for you.                     60 minutes ~ $80

  • IONIC Detox Foot Bath

30 minutes ~ $35

  • IONIC Detox Foot Bath Package

30 minutes ~ $150

  • Consultation

30 minutes ~ free

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